We offer a wide array of training and personal development modules, undertaken by our wide array of faculty members who are very vast in their respective fields and have years of experiences ranging from banking, multinational, SMEs and private practice.

We are able to customize training peculiar to your organization’s requirement. Our most popular modules are listed below:

Mastering Emotional Intelligence

For who? Emotional intelligence affects us all, whether we’re constantly working in collaboration with others or individually on projects. So this course would be suitable for everyone in your organization, but particularly those that have to interact with others on a regular basis.


Customer Excellence

For who? Anyone who engages with customers whether internal or external. Particularly effective for participants that want to exceed customer expectations and eliminate customer complaints


The Power of Storytelling (Presentation Skills)

For who? This course is for anyone who prepares and presents arguments, recommendations and conclusions


Time Management

For who? Anyone that needs to increase their personal effectiveness through time management.


Managing your Personal Brand

For who? Strong personal brands add value to the corporate brand and build organizational credibility.

This is for those who want to differentiate themselves in their personal life and in the workplace.