Marketing Services

Purple Pearl consulting limited offers robust brand and marketing services to clients in the following areas:

Marketing strategy & development

Your business strategy is crucial to the continued existence of your organization. Having an external consultant involved helps provide your business with a different perspective and enhances the value derivable from the process. Purple Pearl Consulting provides you with our head space in crafting your strategy.

Brand building & Management

From our broad experience working with global and world class brands, we are able to provide the requisite knowledge and application in building your brands. We help in crafting your brand identity, positioning and architecture to provide you a distinct voice and identity; and deploy top of the range processes and research methodologies in brand management to nurture your brands to compete favorably in the dynamic industries they operate in.

Concept ideation

Brands and organization can only continue to exist if they evolve themselves and remain relevant to the ever changing consumer and customer tastes and preferences. We create unique and innovative concepts for our clients which enables them achieve cut through in the market place.

Business planning process

Having a well defined process of developing your business plan ensures that you are able to identify opportunities that can grow your business. Following the right path during your business planning process ensures that you have the correct tactics and execution plan to take your business through the planning period. It ensures focus and clear line of sight to achieve business objectives. We have done this over many years and will support you all the way.

Sponsorship Content Management

We identify unique programming and sponsorship opportunities that can help your brand association and give you a distinct voice amongst the clutter in the media space.

Integrated Marketing Communication

Through the line marketing support from conceptualization, ideation, creative development, execution and evaluation; we are there to ensure the loop is not broken and that your ideas remain liquid and linked.