Is your Content “Snackable” and “Sharable”?
Purple Pearl

Content they say is king! Content is one of the key trends that continues to be relevant into 2016. So what is content and how can content be marketed? Content is defined as

“Text matter of a document or publication in any form. Content is both information and communication: the sum total of the freshness, readability, relevancy, and usefulness of the information presented, and the manner in which it is presented” (

Content is the currency that drives brand relevance and consumer consideration for brands. Every now and then, brands produce contents for the purpose of attracting, retaining, driving connection and engagement with their target audience in the form of texts, images, podcast, video, audio and multimedia; With the dynamics of the digital space online content marketing has proven to deliver huge benefits to brands and organizations if they get it right.

The key here is “value”. What value will customer/consumer derive from the contents a brand places for such to enjoy virality? With the myriad of contents lying in the digital space, what will create that standout? What is certain though is that you cannot push through a mediocre, thinly veiled content and expect to be welcome with open hands.  When a content has true value, it rides on the strength of the material and its acceptance, to be consumed by consumers and be shared with their networks.

It is said that online content marketing enjoys higher conversion, wider scale and higher KPIs than traditional media; the question to be asked then is “how do you tap into the benefits and make your contents impactful? “The rubber hits the road” and you “strike a cord” at that point when the goals and preferences of the target audience aligns with the proposition and content offered by a brand or organization. When consumers enjoy great brand experiences, it drives interaction leading to value derived by consumers and value is reciprocated to the brand or organization when consumers are spurred to spread the message leading to more engagement and conversion.

Creating contents that hit the mark require a clearly defined process & strategy to it.

  1. How would you have a conversation with people you hardly know? Know the customers, what they like and what format they will enjoy your messaging. You need to learn your audience’s language, aspirations, desires, and the things they don’t like.
  2. Give them what is relevant to them: Consumers want contents that are relevant and answers the questions that they have. How can your brand position itself to deliver on providing answers?
  3. Customize your content: Consumers want to feel special. In these days of customization and personalization, they want to feel that you had them in mind while developing your content and that they are identifiable by you. The right messaging for the right platform is key – it goes beyond just placing your 60 seconds Ad on Facebook expecting your target to get something out of that.
  4. Get under their skin: Emotions always delivers in driving connection and driving actions on the part of the consumers. What will make you stand out from the clutter? Beyond the functionality of your offering, how would you reach their hearts?
  5. Market your content: It will be wrong to assume that once your contents are generated, they will find their way in the digital space. It is important to put resources and efforts into marketing the contents  across platforms and channels.

Only original and impactful contents will meet the mark of being Snackable and sharable.