Brand rivalry…… between McDonald’s & Burger King

Brand Rivalry is not a new phenomenon. In a competitive industry, there are usually many players, though you often have two dominant players slugging it out in the market place. In some countries, competitors are more confrontational and directly target each other in advertising campaigns; calling each other out in […]


Creativity - Copy

Can marketers relinquish creative control?

Brand Managers as custodians are very passionate about their trademarks, the visual identity system and the brand guideline as a whole. As a marketer, you are expected to know your brands intimately, so it is your job to own the brands, care for and nurture them to ensure the equity grows and the brand remains […]


The Principal Edit

Bolajoko Bayo-Ajayi is a marketing and brand communication expert, with over 16 years experience in two of the world’s biggest multinationals – Diageo and Coca-Cola. She has managed several brands, including several billion dollar brands and nurtured them to achieve sustainable growth.

She is passionate about building brands and helping individuals and organizations apply relevant marketing principles to build their corporate and personal brands.

She also has a drive to develop people; with an awareness that investing in capacity and capability will impact positively on individual & company goals; a philosophy that has made her an exceptional people manager and leader.