Celebrity Endorsement – Asset or Liability?

Often times, companies make use of celebrities and influencers as their brand ambassadors, as such brands leverage on the popularity, appeal, goodwill and the equity enjoyed by these celebrities. Many brands both local and international have made use of celebrities in their campaigns and still continue to do so. Celebrity […]

Celebrity Endorsement!


what is your brand voice?

Like every human being, brands are distinguished by the way they communicate and by the sound of their voice. Over years of association, consumers and customers alike are able to recognize brands, whether it is in audio, visual or written forms, the expectation is that there is no deviation from […]

Marketing to the “ME” generation

Marketing as you know it, is an age long profession. But never in the long history of the trade have things changed dramatically over the past few years in the way and manner that the practice is delivered. A significant part of these changes can be attributed to the “ME” generation […]



Branding SME – 2

The following are various touch points that you can use to build your brand: Advertising: Traditional Media: This is mass market in nature, meaning that it will be exposed to a large number of people. The elements are TV, Radio, Press – magazines and journals. However, for a new business […]

Branding SME -1

Almost every business has a name, from the smallest market trader to the largest multi-national corporation. However, not a lot of those businesses have what could be classified as a ‘brand’ or a ‘brand name’. Often times, what is prevalent are products or services that are made available, but which […]



The Principal Edit

Bolajoko Bayo-Ajayi is a marketing and brand communication expert, with over 16 years experience in two of the world’s biggest multinationals – Diageo and Coca-Cola. She has managed several brands, including several billion dollar brands and nurtured them to achieve sustainable growth.

She is passionate about building brands and helping individuals and organizations apply relevant marketing principles to build their corporate and personal brands.

She also has a drive to develop people; with an awareness that investing in capacity and capability will impact positively on individual & company goals; a philosophy that has made her an exceptional people manager and leader.